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Advantages of chiropractic treatment

If You suffer Acute Muscular, Neck or Back Pain during the School Holidays, Ring the Melbourne Emergency Chiropractic/Chiropractor Service:

Phone (03) 98520055

With nearly 30 years providing Chiropractic Care.

Emergency back and neck issues during the school holiday period can result in significant pain and discomfort.

There are three main causes:

Physical causes, such as a car accident, a slip or fall, a sports injury, repetitive movements, improper lifting, inadequate sleep, gardening, renovating, pregnancy and bad posture.

Emotional causes, such as grief over the death of a loved one, anger and other negative emotions that affect muscle tone can produce a burden on your body. Headaches are a common symptom.

Chemical causes, that may result from poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol and substance abuse and toxins in your external environment, food and water.

Chiropractors receive special training to adjust the spine, which is designed to help mobilise the spine and allow the body to function more normally. Longstanding spinal subluxations can produce muscular spasms and localised inflammation. This in turn may cause pain, limitation of movements and/or nerve irritation. Treatment may require a series of frequent visits to strengthen, retrain and restore spinal mobility.

The biggest problem with subluxations is the fact that you often don’t even know that you have them!

Regular chiropractic checkups, even without obvious symptoms, can maintain your spinal mobility in tip-top working order; much the same as receiving regular dental care keeps your teeth and gums healthy. If you have any questions about subluxations or the effects that they can have on your health, please be sure to ask at your next visit.

As a Melbourne Chiropractor located in the Bulleen area and servicing also the immediate suburbs of Eaglemont, Templestowe, Doncaster, Kew and Balwyn: feel free to consult me. I am available seven days a week, Our Chiropractic Emergency service accepts patients from all over Melbourne. Please note we are available for Christmas Day Emergencies, Boxing and New Years Days. We are open over the holiday period as well including Australia Day and yes we are open for Emergency Sunday Chiropractor Service.

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