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Using your mobile phone may cause Neck pain and other types of musculoskeletal symptoms according to “The Ergonomics Report” Archives, March 17th 2011.

This report suggested a connection between the use of hand held mobile phones and certain types of muscular skeletal issues, especially across the neck and shoulder regions. The report claimed that up to 84 percent of the study participants experienced at least some pain in at least some part of their body. Hand pain was most common, particularly across the thumb. Up to 68 percent suffered neck pain, 62 percent had upper back pain. Furthermore 52 percent hand shoulder pain and 32 percent elbow and lower arm ache.

Significant associations were evident between:

Time spent playing games on the phone in relation to thumb and shoulder pain

Time spent listening to music and viewing videos in connection to neck pain

The actual use of the mobile phone and time on call in relation to shoulder and neck pain

The researchers summarised their findings as follows;

“Our results show a consistent relationship between mobile device use and pain in the shoulders and neck; total time spent using a mobile device on a typical day was significantly associated with any pain reported in the left shoulder, the right shoulder and the neck”

As a Chiropractor Bulleen with nearly 30 years in practice our clinical experience also validates the possible causes of neck, shoulder, upper back ,elbow and thumb pain with respect to mobile phone usage. One possible identifiable common symptom is ongoing Headaches.

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