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Emergergency/All Hours Chiropractor Templestowe and Doncaster

Chiropractic care available for emergencies seven days a week now at BULLEEN PLAZA

Chiropractor Melbourne services Templestowe,Lower Templestowe Doncaster, Bulleen, Box Hill, Warrandyte, Heidelberg, Fairfield, Kew, Ivanhoe, surrounding suburbs and Metropolitan area of Melbourne.Available, 7 days a week, including Saturdays, Sundays and all public holidays.
What’s Really Important?
It’s common to find someone suffering from headaches, back and neck problems. And each of them have different reasons for being affected. Some causes are a sedentary lifestyle, long working hours sitting on a chairs or bending and lifting a weight. As an experienced chiropractor that services the Melbourne metropolitan area including Ivanhoe, I have provided care of these conditions for over three decades and use appropriate techniques to assist, provide advice and aid our patients.

We have it made in this modern society, with all the conveniences our grandparents couldn’t imagine.

But with cell phones, overnight delivery, computing and the like, it seems the latest time-saving technology increases
expectations and makes us busier than we were before we had all these “conveniences.”

How we use time can be a major source of stress. How you use this most precious of all resources reveals a lot about your
purpose and what you value. Many of us work 60- and 70-hours a week in the hopes of having a better life. But our families hardly see us. So who are we really putting all those hours in for? Stress is something we do to ourselves by what we think is important.

While chiropractic care can help each of us better accommodate stress, a better strategy is to slow down and make sure we’re investing our time in what’s really important.

Righting Your Body
Chiropractor Ivanhoe says, “I understand that the underlying causes of underlying structural stresses may cause underlying health problems such as headaches, neck and back problems.

This may show up as one or more spinal bones that are stuck and not moving correctly and with associated muscle spasms.” Chiropractor Ivanhoe helps correct the spinal misalignments”.

Chiropractic Melbourne services Ivanhoe and surrounding suburbs, you can call seven days a week and yes we are open on Sundays for evaluation of your muscular skeletal problems. Ring (03) 98520055 for Melbourne Chiropractic services by a Melbourne Chiropractor with over 34 years of clinical experience.

Melbourne Chiropractic services in Bulleen, caters for Ivanhoe and surrounding suburbs including Bulleen, we are able to assess postural misalignments and render appropriate care, especially for Acute/Chronic Back and Neck Pain. We have a range of techniques in assessing problems, using pain management, improving movement and mobility for muscular/spinal dysfunction. So visit us, get an opinion and see if treatment can help your condition.

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